Progressive senators adopt COVID-19 travel policy

Par: Les progressistes

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Ottawa, January 29, 2021 — Progressive senators have agreed to adopt a policy prohibiting international travel while COVID-19 concerns remain a risk.

Following the guidance of the federal government’s travel advisories, along with advice from public health officials, senators in the Progressive Senate Group (PSG) hope that their public commitment will be an encouragement to others.

“Certainly everyone is feeling the fatigue from the past year,” said Senator Jane Cordy, Leader of the PSG. “It’s understandable that some people want to return to their normal activities. We have decided as a group that setting an example could help others decide to stay home and follow public health advice.”

The full text of the policy as agreed to by all Progressive senators:

The senators of the Progressive Senate Group (PSG) are dedicated to the promotion of an increasingly independent, transparent, accountable, and less partisan Senate of Canada. In furtherance of the objective of transparency and public accountability, we commit to adherence to COVID-19 related public health guidance respecting travel directives generally, and international travel specifically. Therefore, any PSG senator who violates this guidance will be relieved of any leadership position and will withdraw from all committee membership until the matter is reviewed by all PSG members and a public apology statement is made on the floor of the chamber. Such transparency is important in gaining and retaining public trust in the ethical conduct of senators and public support for the highest standards of conduct in the Senate of Canada.

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Heather Forsyth
Director of Communications
Progressive Senate Group

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