Statement on RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki

Par: Sénatrice Lillian Eva Dyck (retraitée)

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Could wearing a Canadian flag, Toronto

Ottawa, June 15, 2020 – Commissioner Brenda Lucki’s statements in the last few days reveal that she does not possess the necessary knowledge or skills to remain as the RCMP Commissioner. She should step down or be removed immediately. This will benefit all Canadians, including the members of the RCMP.

Her recent statements show that she does not fully understand what systemic racism is; thus, she will not be able to implement or envision the way forward to eliminate systemic racism in the RCMP. Her unexplained about-face yesterday on whether or not systemic racism exists in the RCMP is paradoxical and unacceptable as a leader – as the RCMP Commissioner.

Two years ago at one of the hearings of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, girls, and 2SLGBT (NI MMIWG), Commissioner Lucki apologized for the way we were treated by the RCMP. She promised that “we (the RCMP) will do better.”

It is clear now that she does not possess the knowledge or leadership skills to keep her promise.

Canadians and Indigenous women, in particular, deserve to have the best possible Commissioner who will be able to initiate and lead the necessary changes in the RCMP to keep us safer and protect us from violence. This will benefit all Canadians, including the RCMP themselves.

All Canadian citizens deserve better. We deserve to have the best possible RCMP Commissioner with the best possible competencies and the best possible leadership skills.

At the NI MMIWG hearing, Commissioner Lucki herself said “You are entitled to nothing less than our best work in your communities.”

Commissioner Brenda Lucki should resign or be removed immediately, so that Canadians can get the best possible RCMP Commissioner who is capable of doing the best work not only in Indigenous communities but in all communities.

For more information, please contact:

Nicholas Salahor
The Office of the Hon. Senator Lillian Eva Dyck
Senate of Canada

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