Message from the Commons—Bill S-8, Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

By: The Hon. Peter Harder

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Hon. Peter Harder: Honourable senators, my objective is to have the shortest speech of the day.

Some Hon. Senators: Hear, hear.

Senator Harder: If that’s what it takes to get applause, I’m happy.

The message we are dealing with is with respect to a bill we dealt with in this chamber a little over a year ago. Senators will, of course, remember the eloquent remarks Senator MacDonald and I made. At the time, we said this bill was urgent for Parliament to pass to fill up the gaps that had developed in our sanctions regime with respect to admissibility. The House of Commons took that urgency to heart and a year and a bit later has dealt with it.

It has made two amendments, both of which the Speaker has referred to, but the first one essentially is to ensure that the bill we passed last December with respect to the trafficking in human organs doesn’t create new loopholes. That has been taken into account in the first half, and the other is to provide for a three-year review.

I hope that we have the unanimous consent, as we had a year ago on this bill and as the House of Commons had, even though it has taken a bit longer. With that brief explanation, I hope you can accept this message and we can adopt this, as it is an urgent matter.

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