Moose Hide Campaign

By: The Hon. Michèle Audette

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Centennial flame, Ottawa

Hon. Michèle Audette: Good afternoon, senators.

[Editor’s Note: Senator Audette spoke in Innu.]

I am proud to be a mother, but I am also proud that more and more men and male senators are walking an important path when it comes to protecting women.

I rise today to tell you about an important day. On October 18, a very large family from across Canada, the Moose Hide Campaign family, reminded us of the importance of protecting women, girls and, of course, children.

As you may already know, the Moose Hide Campaign is a small, Indigenous-led organization that is doing so much for women and children. They fight every day against violence. Last October, I was blessed to meet the family, including Paul, Raven, Sage, and, of course, the mother, to better understand the importance of their campaign.

Also, I witnessed 10 men fasting and doing ceremony on Parliament Hill that one day. They all got together: Canadian, Québécois and Indigenous. I want to say thank you to them: Minister Marc Miller, MP Mike Morrice, MP Gary Vidal, MP Taylor Bachrach, MP Vance Badawey, MP Jaime Battiste, MP Marc Dalton, MP Dan Vandal and MP Yasir Naqvi.

Of course, there is one special thank you — a tshinashkumitin, a wela’lin — to a man, a friend, a mentor and a senator, Brian Francis. He spent the entire day fasting during a Senate sitting. I say thank you. Thank you so much because I know every effort that you do is for Sheshka and all the women and boys that are here. I say tshinashkumitin.

I want to say thank you, Senator Manning. I was listening carefully to your beautiful speech yesterday, and also Senator Boisvenu. We need warriors. We need men walking beside us women.

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