Indira Moudi

By: The Hon. Amina Gerba

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Lebreton Flats and Canadian geese, Ottawa

Hon. Amina Gerba: Madam Speaker, I am delighted to rise to speak about Black History Month 2024. This February, I will have the honour of giving three statements in which I will share some inspiring stories that demonstrate Black excellence and the invaluable contributions Black people make to our society.

I will begin today by introducing you to Indira Moudi, a smart, dynamic woman who speaks several languages and is a global leader. She is here with us today. Thank you.

Born to a Guyanese mother and a Nigerian father, Indira came to Canada at the age of 16, bringing with her a rich cultural heritage, as someone who speaks five languages and was raised in five religions.

After graduating from Polytechnique Montréal with a degree in industrial engineering in 1997, Indira began a 20-year international career working for multinational energy companies, a career that took her to five different continents around the world. That is how she met her husband, Guillaume Pham, who is also here with us today. They met in France and she convinced him to come back and live in Quebec and start a business.

In 2012, the couple purchased one of Quebec’s premier food processing companies, Viandes Lafrance, which operates out of Shawinigan, in the Mauricie region. They brought in fresh blood, giving the 100-year-old company a new lease on life.

Under Indira’s leadership, the company has received many accolades, the most recent being the Desjardins Mercure award for sustainable development strategy from the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec and the inclusion and diversity award from the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Shawinigan in recognition of the company’s sustainable development practices, which promote the recruitment and hiring of visible minorities.

Esteemed colleagues, Indira’s journey clearly illustrates that Black excellence is a heritage to be celebrated not just for one day or one month, but all the time.

Thank you.

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