The Late Honourable Robert W. Peterson

By: The Hon. Jane Cordy

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Hon. Jane Cordy: Honourable senators, Canada has lost a kind and well-respected man, the Honourable Bob Peterson. I am pleased today that we are honouring his legacy in the Senate of Canada.

It was a privilege to work with Bob during his time in the Senate. While no one would ever doubt his loyalty and love of the Liberal Party, Bob practised politics in a principled way. He might not have liked the political views of other parties but he did enjoy working across party lines, and he never made those differing political views personal.

Bob loved Canada, and he especially loved his province of Saskatchewan. He was born in Rose Valley, and even when he moved to Regina, he never left behind his rural roots. He was a fierce defender of the Canadian Wheat Board, as many in this chamber may remember. He was involved in many organizations in his community because he understood the importance of community service and of giving back.

Bob took his job as senator very seriously, but he had a wonderful sense of humour. He sat behind me, and he would tap me on the shoulder to tell me something funny, followed by that great laugh of his. This sense of having fun was even in his obituary, which noted that:

If Bob were here I’m sure he would say, “In lieu of flowers, please vote Liberal.”

Honourable senators, Bob Peterson will be remembered as a loyal Liberal and a hard-working senator for his province of Saskatchewan, but I will remember him as a wonderful colleague and a gentleman. My best wishes to his wife, Muriel, and to his children and grandchildren. Thank you.

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