Senator Cardozo pays tribute to the Honourable Percy Mockler

By: The Hon. Andrew Cardozo

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Centennial flame, Ottawa

Hon. Andrew Cardozo: Honourable senators, it is, indeed, an honour to rise to say a few words about our friend Senator Percy Mockler. Indeed, I have considered him to be the grand gentleman of the Senate.

As a new senator, I received a lot of wise counsel from you on a range of issues, and I see that you have been a mentor to many others. We all thank you for that. You invited me, many times, to come to the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance, even when I was not a member, and you always ensured that I got to ask a question. More than that, sir, you taught me — you taught us — that one does not have to shout and yell to be effective: You can simply be wise, thoughtful, humble, respectful, kind and encouraging to have your voice heard and, most importantly, to be an effective senator. For this lesson, I thank you enormously.

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