Senator Audette pays tribute to the Honourable Percy Mockler

By: The Hon. Michèle Audette

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Hon. Michèle Audette: Tshinashkumitin, honourable senators.

[Editor’s Note: Senator Audette spoke in Innu-aimun.]

Like everyone else, I rise today to pay tribute to my colleague, Senator Percy Mockler — honourable in this chamber, but also in the heart of this Innu woman and Quebecker. The first time I met you here in the Senate, I could tell right away what a diplomatic and curious person you were.

To me you are a man of diplomacy, loyal to his group, but respectful toward everyone in this wonderful chamber. You’re also interested in learning about Indigenous cultures and Indigenous peoples. Every time we would speak on these issues, I could see the spark in your eyes, and that meant a lot to me.

Whenever I needed advice, because we all need mentors, whenever I turned to you, you always listened carefully and were very sensitive and forthright. Thank you. That always helped me to better understand the dynamics of the Senate.

I had the opportunity to stand in for my colleague and friend, Senator Gignac, on the National Finance Committee, which you chair. There again I noticed how your leadership brings people together. You were very attentive to us and very professional. I commend you for that.

I really wish that there were more people like you, that there were many more Percy Mocklers. We need people who really like politics, and I know that we all love what we do, but it is also just as important not to hide behind political lines. You were a good example of that. We need people like you in Canada. People like you help us, and I’m almost not new here any more, to have confidence in the system and to trust people like you.

I hope that trust will be reciprocal. In Innu law, we refer to that as reciprocity. Everyone has talked about what you have done, your major accomplishments, with love and great pride. I won’t sing because that isn’t my forte. Congratulations for all of that. To me, those things, the big accomplishments in your life, were important, but they leave a legacy that we now have a responsibility to maintain. You always remained a simple, compassionate and humble individual. For me, humility and integrity are very important values in politics, and you are a shining example of them. Thank you, dear colleague and friend. Tshinashkumitin. I will send you off with some tea from my home in Labrador and a small wooden pen, which will last a long time. I will also give you a candle, of course, so that we are always enlightened by your wisdom. Tshinashkumitnau.

Hon. Senators: Hear, hear.

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