Question Period: Senate Precincts

By: The Hon. Terry Mercer

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Rideau Canal, Ottawa

Hon. Terry M. Mercer: Honourable senators, we all see the construction going on across the Parliamentary Precinct every day, especially those of us who still are in the East Block, as I am. I wonder if the Government Representative could provide us with an update on these activities. I think, quite frankly, Senator Harder, one recommendation you should make to your successor is that he or she should be providing us with a regular update as to what is going on over there. We get asked questions by constituents and people on the streets of Ottawa about these things.

We receive e-mail updates on occasion, but I would like to know if we could hear whether there have been some archaeological findings. I’m concerned about the protection of the building’s vast heritage features and particular problems with the construction plan and the like.

Hon. Peter Harder (Government Representative in the Senate): I thank the honourable senator for his question. I certainly will recommend that my successor consider the suggestion.

I know that our own Internal Economy Committee has a responsibility here through its working group. I was happy to note, as I was observing CIBA this morning, there was a report on the work of that committee. If there is a desire to have a broader briefing, perhaps even outside of Question Period itself, I think that is perhaps a more desirable forum, but I am in your hands and will relate this to my successor.

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