Mental Health Week 2022

By: The Hon. Jane Cordy

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Hello, Bonjour,

My name is Senator Jane Cordy, and on behalf of the Progressive Senate Group, I would like to highlight the importance of mental well-being and to acknowledge  the Canadian Mental Health Association’s 71st annual Mental Health Week.

This year’s theme for National Mental Health Week, is empathy.  Empathy, the ability to understand what someone else is feeling, is how we start to breakdown the barriers and stigmas around mental health.

This is a time of many uncertainties for all of us. So many have suffered isolation, loss, and trauma or have had already existing problems exacerbated by circumstances well outside of their control. We must, in these times, remember to prioritize our mental health.

It is important to remember during this Mental Health Week that we are stronger together. Raising awareness of mental wellbeing is helpful to everyone. We must be empathetic with ourselves and with others.

Mental health is health. It is time to #GetReal and breakdown the stigmas around mental health. Ensemble on peut #ParlerPourVrai.

Thank you/Merci


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