Senator Cordy pays tribute to the Honourable Percy Mockler

By: The Hon. Jane Cordy

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Hon. Jane Cordy: Honourable senators, I also rise to pay tribute to our colleague Percy Mockler as he takes his retirement from this place.

As others have mentioned, Percy, you came to the Senate in 2009 with a strong — and I mean really strong — background in politics. We often have to be reminded that politics starts local, and you know and understand more than anyone the importance of what it means to be local. You served in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, so you are also well aware of the direct impact of local politics.

Throughout your time as an MLA you held many portfolios, which exposed you to many aspects of day-to-day life for your constituents — certainly an asset to a big-picture thinker like you. Before that, of course, you were elected as president of your student council at Saint-Léonard. By the way, that was a great picture on Twitter.

I enjoyed working with you on the Agriculture Committee years ago, and I have enjoyed the opportunities we have had to travel together. There were also the many years we spent as neighbours on the fifth floor of the Victoria Building. It was always a pleasure to run into you in the hallways or waiting for the elevator. Your office has always been a warm one, a feeling that has been cultivated by you and your wonderful staff, who have been with you for so long. My best wishes to your staff also, especially Diane — and I don’t like to pick favourites — but she’s been with you since you first came to the Senate, and who — like you — warmly welcomed everyone who came to your office. Best wishes also to René and Yvon.

Percy often arrived at my office with Conservative MPs from New Brunswick to introduce me to them and tell me how great they were, and we always had a wonderful conversation. They were pretty great.

Percy, you are an example of how all politicians should act — be passionate about your political beliefs, but make friends with your political opponents. It is how you learn to compromise and get things done for Canadians.

Percy, we will miss you in this chamber. You have been so generous in sharing your thoughts and opinions, and I have always appreciated your ability to do so in such a gentle, measured and always passionate way. Marrying honesty with tact and politics but with a sense of humour is a skill not everyone possesses.

I wish you a wonderful retirement. I hope that you are able to relax and enjoy your time with your family. You have done so much for Canadians, particularly for the people of New Brunswick, during your tenure in Ottawa. You will now be able to enjoy all that your home province has to offer.

If you are ever in Nova Scotia visiting family, drop by for a visit. Our door is always open.

Thank you.

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