Expression of Thanks

By: The Hon. Brian Francis

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National War Memorial, Ottawa

Hon. Brian Francis: Honourable senators, I rise today on behalf of the Progressive Senate Group to express our sincere gratitude to all staff who have helped us continue to do our work during the pandemic. Among those are staff in our offices and in the broader administrative apparatus of Parliament Hill, which includes those in the Office of the Speaker, the Office of the Usher of the Black Rod, the Chamber Operations and Procedure Office, the Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel, Information Services, Broadcast and Interpretation Services, Committees, Property and Services, Corporate Security and many others who help keep us safe and healthy and meet the human operational and technological requirements that support our day-to-day work.

Over the past year, these dedicated men and women have worked tirelessly, and often under considerable stress and strain, to navigate and adapt to the challenges posed by a quickly evolving situation. It has not been easy. We recognize the challenges many are facing with work and life now fully intertwined and that patience, understanding and flexibility is necessary as we continue to navigate unprecedented times.

Colleagues, please join us in thanking all the staff who have gone above and beyond in recent months. We truly owe them a great debt of gratitude. Without their individual and collective efforts, we simply could not fulfill our duties and responsibilities. To each of them, we say thank you.

Some Hon. Senators: Hear, hear!

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