Congratulations on Appointment to Senators Brent Cotter and Judith Keating

By: The Hon. Jane Cordy

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Hon. Jane Cordy:

By the way, the Speaker was also a graduate of Dalhousie Law School.

On behalf of my colleagues in the progressive Senate group, I would also like to welcome Senators Keating and Cotter to our chamber. Both senators have had successful careers in law and public service before arriving here. My colleagues have already spoken about their extensive accomplishments in their professions.

Senator Judith Keating is a fellow Maritimer who brings 30 years of experience with the Government of New Brunswick. She is a talented legal adviser, and I know that she brings her advocacy for language, rights for women and Indigenous peoples with her.

Senator Brent Cotter will represent the province of Saskatchewan. An academic, a former public servant and community builder, he will no doubt add his own skills and expertise to our Senate deliberations.

Senators Keating and Cotter, we are fortunate to add you to our numbers of the many dedicated and hard-working senators here in this chamber. You will hear much about the Senate being the chamber of sober second thought. That has been a hallmark since its creation. We take the long-term view on policies and legislation. We do not rush our examinations because senators know that, in our haste, we might miss recognizing the unintended consequences of our actions. We owe Canadians the time to get it right because Canadians must always be our priority. I have no doubt that each of you will put your past experiences to good use as we move forward together.

As a former teacher, I would like to pass along some advice because teachers always do that.

First, senators, reach out to work with honourable senators from all groups in this chamber. You can work with people from all parts of Canada with different life experiences and different political philosophies, and that’s a positive thing.

Second, read the farewell speech of our former colleague Senator Joyal. He provided many words of wisdom for the role of a senator and what we can accomplish together here in the Senate.

Third, to our new senators, it is important to keep your sense of humour. It really helps on those long days and those long nights.

Again, welcome to this chamber. The progressive group is looking forward to getting to know you and to working with you both. Thank you.

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