Women’s History Month

By: The Hon. Jane Cordy

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Parliament Hill from across the Ottawa River, Ottawa

Hon. Jane Cordy: Honourable senators, while we are currently in the middle of Women’s History Month, it is important to note that history, and indeed women’s history, is being written every day. It is often thought to be stories of days gone by when it is, instead, something living — something current. There are more stories of women’s achievements and contributions than can be shared in a single day or even a single month of the year.

Acknowledging women’s part in history and making it visible allows others to follow in their footsteps. Women and men must not see women’s lives and accounts simply as an addendum to history, but instead see themselves reflected in it.

There is no shortage of examples of trailblazing women across every discipline from every part of the globe. Many ancient and modern societies recognize women as a central part of their living, and indeed a driving force behind their advancement. Women have contributed immensely to propelling their communities and their industries forward. The first woman to do something is oftentimes the first person to do something.

Honourable senators, I am delighted to support a new initiative being undertaken by three inspiring Canadian women. Arlene Hache, Heather Morrison and Mary Clancy have joined together to create the Canadian Museum of Women’s History. Their aim is to create a central place to tell the stories of the women of Canada. I believe this endeavour to be a vital one. The time is now for perspectives that have too long been left out of the narrative.

As a former teacher, I have seen the importance and the impact of the information and perspectives we share with our young people. Women’s history is history. It must be learned and shared with all Canadians. Young women will certainly benefit from this knowledge but so, too, honourable senators, will young men.

I look forward to a bright future for this project that will hopefully continue to grow and expand. I encourage all senators to lend their support to this initiative.

Honourable senators, every day is a great day to celebrate the women in our lives and to celebrate women’s achievements. Join me in applauding all the women who have forged a path and all those whose current achievements will fill the history books that are yet to be written. Thank you.

Some Hon. Senators: Hear, hear.


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