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October 1, 2014—Job Creation

October 1, 2014—Job Creation

The Senate Liberal Caucus once again opened our doors and continued to learn, discuss and debate issues of national importance. This effort is hosted by the Senate Liberal Caucus but is intended to be non-partisan.

Our meeting was to discuss and debate Canada’s jobs market. This will be the first of a series of meetings done throughout the year looking at “Federal Policy for Job Creation.”  According to Stats Can Canada lost 11, 000 jobs in August, with the number of private sector jobs falling by 112,000.  In the last year (August to August) the labour market created only 81,000 new jobs, which is the smallest growth since 1990. We would like to learn about what the federal government can do to boost job creation.  We invited all parliamentarians to attend.

Speakers Included:

• Kevin Page, Jean-Luc Pépin Research Chair of the Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Ottawa, former Parliamentary Budget Officer

• Dr. William Scarth, McMaster University, C.D. Howe Institute contributor

• David MacDonald, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

• Benoit Dostie, HEC Montreal


This meeting was held:
Wednesday October 1st, 2014

9:30 am – 11:30 am
Room 160S, Centre Block


Senator Art Eggleton, Co-Chair, Open Caucus
Senator Claudette Tardif, Co-Chair, Open Caucus

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