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Canadian Consumers Better Protected Thanks to the Work of the Senate

Canadian Consumers Better Protected Thanks to the Work of the Senate

Canadian Consumers Better Protected Thanks to the Work of the Senate

Published on 15 December 2016 News & Photos by Senator Joseph Day

Ottawa, December 15, 2016 –”Canadian consumers are better protected because of the work the Senate has done on this bill. I applaud my colleagues for their diligent study of this complex piece of legislation.”

Senator Claude Carignan, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate commenting on the Senate amendment of a government budget bill after identifying serious problems that would have eroded consumer protection rights for Canadians.

“Sober second thought is not just a slogan. It is an incredibly important exercise that requires focus, expertise and the courage to stand up for one’s findings. The result is a better bill,” added Senator Joseph A. Day, Leader of the Senate Liberals.

Wednesday, the members of the House of Commons unanimously agreed with Senators that the impugned section of Bill C-29, Budget Implementation Act, 2016, No. 2, should be removed.

Among the problems identified were clauses amending the Bank Act that would have weakened consumer protection legislations in place in several provinces and infringed upon provincial juridisdiction.

Last week, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard called on the Senate to do its job and amend bill C-29. The Senate heard the Premier’s plea, as well as demands from several witnesses who testified before the Senate National Finance Committee.

Senator Elaine McCoy of the Independent Senators Group also praised Senators working together, saying, “This example underscores the important role conscientious senators play in Parliament. The senate’s meticulous examination of Bill C-29 identified serious problems that we were then able to resolve.”

The Senate passed the amended bill in the Chamber on December 13, 2016.



Bill C-29 was debated in the Senate on December 7 and 13. You can read the debates at:



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