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Third reading of Bill C-45, Cannabis Bill (debate on amendment of Senator Oh)

Third reading of Bill C-45, Cannabis Bill (debate on amendment of Senator Oh)

Hon. Art Eggleton: 

Colleagues, I want to point out page 82, section 139(1)(k), because this is covered already. This is the clause that deals with regulations and exemptions. This is very instructive to the people drafting the regulations.

On page 83, it says:

Respecting the characteristics, composition, strength, concentration, potency, intended use, sensory attributes — such as appearance and shape — purity, quality or any other property of cannabis or any class of cannabis;

I think this has already been adequately covered in the legislation and, in fact, is very clear. The health officials also indicated that. It’s in the draft regulations. I realize they haven’t been finalized, but it is a part of what is being drafted at the moment, and that is that products would be required to be labelled with specific information about the product, such as THC potency and CBD, contain mandatory health warnings and be marked with a clearly recognized, standardized cannabis symbol, which in the document called “Summary of Comments” received during the public meetings, but it also says “proposed approach.” There are some very clear drawings and diagrams about how the packaging and the labelling would work.

This is covered in the legislation. It’s mandatory to be covered in the regulations and, in fact, as the officials indicated in the Social Affairs Committee, it is very much on its way to that finalization. Have a look at section 139(1)(k).