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100th Anniversary of the Halifax Explosion

100th Anniversary of the Halifax Explosion

On December 6th we marked the 100th Anniversary of the Halifax Explosion. This tragic event killed 2000, injured 9000 and left thousands more homeless. We remember those who lost their lives and acknowledge the hard work of those involved in the recovery and reconstruction efforts.

While the Explosion is remembered as a loss for all Canadians, it was the aftermath that spoke volumes. Nova Scotians, Canadians, and particularly Bostonians, joined forces and worked tirelessly to provide relief supplies and medical assistance and restore hope to Halifax.

Every year, to thank the people of Boston, Halifax gifts a Christmas tree which is installed on the Boston Common. This year, the 53 foot white spruce tree was donated by Bob and Marlon Campbell of Blues Mills, Cape Breton.

The Halifax Explosion is a reminder of the strength we have as Canadians. The victims touched by the blast were left with almost nothing, but they never gave up. It is because of their fighting spirit and willingness to persevere that the province of Nova Scotia would come back stronger than ever.

Hundreds of people attended the 100th Anniversary Halifax Explosion Memorial Service at Fort Needham Memorial Park, and similar commemorative events all over the province, to pay their respects and honour the memory of those impacted. 100 years later, Nova Scotians still carry on the legacy of those lost in the Explosion. It is important that we remember what was lost and continue to say thank you to those who helped us rebuild.