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Canada-U.S. Relations—Role of Canada in Syria

Canada-U.S. Relations—Role of Canada in Syria

Canada-U.S. Relations—Role of Canada in Syria

Canada-U.S. Relations—Role of Canada in Syria

Published on 28 February 2017 Your Question Period by Senator Joseph Day

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Hon. Joseph A. Day (Leader of the Senate Liberals):

My question is for the Representative of the Government in the Senate.

Mr. Representative, as you are aware, when our group became an independent Liberal caucus here in the Senate, one of the initiatives that we introduced was to invite the citizens of Canada to send in questions that they would like to see posed directly to a representative of the government. My question is in that light.

The question comes from Mr. Paul King, of Innerkip, Ontario. Mr. King would like to know:

When Prime Minister Trudeau met President Trump, was there any talk about augmenting Canadian military activity with the Americans on Syrian soil?


I think that behind this question is a concern that the new President of the United States is suggesting that there are many nations of the world that are not carrying their own weight with respect to international obligations for peace and security, and, if that is the case, I think it’s important that we remind Canadians and the world that Canada was deeply involved in Afghanistan, Poland and currently in the Ukraine in training, as well as in Iraq — we’re doing a tremendous amount in Iraq, in Northern Iraq, with the Kurds — and the commitment to help with respect to one of the four formations in Eastern Europe, in Latvia, to help there, under NATO, and the work we’ve done with the French in Africa.

Can the Government Representative in the Senate assure us that the new U.S. president is being made aware of the considerable contribution that Canada is making and has made internationally?


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