Mamadosewin (meeting place, walking together)




Our immigration system must be good enough to keep up with demand and to deal with each person in a dignified and respectful manner.

– Senator Mobina Jaffer

For centuries Canada has been the destination of choice for people looking for new opportunities and chances to build a new life. Everyone who comes has a different story and the stories of these immigrants, from French explorers, to Chinese railway workers, to Irish builders of the Rideau Canal, becomes part of Canada rich cultural heritage.

Just as our diverse culture depends on immigration, so does our prosperity depend on the arrival of people who can enter our workforce, start businesses, and share their skills and knowledge with us all. The challenge is to ensure that we balance these very real economic concerns with an approach that sees immigrants as human beings, not economic units.

As senators, we take very seriously our ability to hold our government accountable for providing an inclusive immigration system; one that keeps Canada open to those needing refuge and to skilled immigrants and their families who will make positive contributions to our economy.

Through the links below, you will come to better understand how the Senate is working to build an immigration system that will not only accommodate applicants efficiently, but also includes measures to ensure Canada maintains its traditional role of a welcoming new home of choice.