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Best wishes for the summer recess

Best wishes for the summer recess

Best wishes for the summer recess

Hon. Joseph A. Day (Leader of the Senate Liberals):  

Thank you, Your Honour. We wish you a good summer as well. You wished us a good summer.

Hon. Senators: Hear, hear.

Senator Day: Most of us are going back to our homes, but we will be back here again in mid-September. However, a couple of us will not be returning, as you mentioned — Senator Unger and Senator Cools, who had a good send-off today. That was great.

Heather Lank will not be with us when we return in the fall. But we know where you are, Heather. We wish you well. We congratulate you. We thank you, first of all, for the tremendous work you have done here, and we wish you well down the hall in your new position. Senator Mercer is a member of the Joint Committee on the Library of Parliament. I have no doubt that he will be keeping an eye on you and reporting back.

Remember all the rest of us. The pages and your colleagues here are also wishing you well. Senator Eggleton was thinking — because he will also be retiring in a few months — that maybe he could get a reduced rate at the library. So I’ll pass him on to you.

On your behalf and on my own behalf — and on Senator Patterson’s behalf — I’d like to wish you all a very good summer. The last few days have been a pretty intense time. We keep telling the new senators that it’s not always like this. Usually late June and late December are busy, just before Christmas, when we break. You can look forward to that in the fall.

So go home, get rested up and reacquainted with your families and neighbours. And wear your Senate T-shirt. Tell people about the work we’re doing, because it is good work and it is important that this be part of the parliamentary system. We all have every reason to be proud of it. Bonnes vacances.