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Tributes – The Honourable Joan Fraser

Tributes – The Honourable Joan Fraser

Tributes – The Honourable Joan Fraser

Hon. Dennis Dawson: 

Senator Fraser — or Joan, if I may — you always said to me, “Dennis, keep it short and sweet and don’t repeat yourself.” I will put that tip to good use and take this opportunity to thank both you and Senator Tardif, the two deputy leaders I have known since being appointed to the Senate. It is no secret that I am not very disciplined, and that is something you have both helped me with. You showed me how to present myself better and taught me self-discipline, not to mention teaching me how to be concise.

As you know, I come from a highly partisan world, while you both come from a world that is much purer. You taught me how to be less partisan, and I am grateful to you for it. I think I also taught you how to be more partisan on occasion.

Joan, it is not just here in this chamber and in the Parliament of Canada that your excellent reputation is well established. I succeeded you on the Executive Committee of the Canadian Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, which is one of my pet subjects here, and I can tell you that your friends at the Inter-Parliamentary Union have nothing but fond memories of you.

But as you and Senator Tardif have both told me time and again:

Short and sweet and brief. I will. Dennis, shut up and sit down when you’re repeating yourself.