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Senate Appointments

Senate Appointments

Senate Appointments

Hon. Percy E. Downe: I have a supplementary question. Are we to understand — and I think I heard you correctly — that for the 10 current vacancies, there is no opportunity for new applicants to apply? If so, when did that close?

Like Senator Housakos, I’ve had contact from people who are interested in applying. When they called the number, they were told they will be open later. They weren’t advised they were closed. When do they close? Are they going to open?

Senator Mockler spoke earlier about a lack of Acadians from Nova Scotia. I’ve raised the concern that we’re lacking any farmers, fishers or veterans who have worn the uniform of the Canadian Armed Forces in service of our country. Will any of those people get to apply, or is this next time?

Senator Harder: Again, for those vacancies that were vacant at the time in which the committee was open for receiving nominations, those nominations have been received and closed.

There are vacancies, and the honourable senator has referenced at least one, where the nominations process has not yet been opened. That will be opened at an appropriate time once the provincial body, together with the federal nominees, are seized of the process. I would anticipate that will happen soon. The vacancy in the province of P.E.I. is very recent, and the replacement for that vacancy has not yet been announced.

But that process will be open, as it has been in the past in your province when a vacancy occurred.