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Point of clarification: Understanding the Rules of the Senate

Point of clarification: Understanding the Rules of the Senate

Point of clarification: Understanding the Rules of the Senate

Hon. Terry M. Mercer (Deputy Leader of the Senate Liberals): 

Your Honour, I rise on a point of order. What the previous matter brings to the foreground again is the fact that all of our colleagues who have been appointed in recent days arrive here, some with some experience, most with none. I arrived here as someone who has been around this place for years as a participant in politics in another form. I had that privilege.

However, when I arrived here I still didn’t know the Rules. I was taken aside by the Leader of the Government in the Senate of the day when I was appointed. She sat me down. We talked about certain things to make sure I met all the proper requirements and then she talked to me about the Rules. Then with me and Senator Munson, who was appointed at the same time, she conducted a training program on the Rules.

I think it’s incumbent upon the Senate, that when people are appointed to this place, do not assume that someone else is going to train them. It’s incumbent upon the Senate to take every new senator aside and it should be a requirement of you taking your seat, of having to sit down with somebody and having the Rules explained to you and a little bit about the procedure that happens here so that we can have more decorum. In that way, issues like this can perhaps be avoided or if they happen at least you could point back and say you did take this training, did it not sink in?

I think it’s incumbent upon the chamber, senators collectively, to make sure the next person who is appointed here is trained properly.

The Hon. the Speaker: Senator Mercer, I thank you for your comments. I consider them comments of elucidation or clarification. However, I don’t think they rise to the level of a point of order.